Indiana Beer News 8/24: A LOT going on

There are a LOT of events in the next few days!

THIS BLOGGER will look to see you at: the Beers and Bluegrass Festival TONIGHT in Franklin starting at 5:00 and until 9:00. Tickets are $20 at the door. Four of our Indiana breweries will participate: Flat12 Bierwerks, Fountain Square Brewing Company, Oaken Barrel Brewing Company, and Upland Brewing Company (as well as Mallow Run winery)!

Looks like Flat12 will be serving beer at Sullivan Hardware's EggFest at 71st and Keystone in Indy TOMORROW (8/25) 9AM- 3PM. The Egg refers to cooking on the Big Green Egg brand cooker/smoker/grill and there is entertainment, etc.

There is a CIBA/IndyCog Bike Swap Meet also Saturday (8/25) at the City Market with Flat12's Karousel Kolsch on tap

Also Saturday there is Beers Across the Wabash in Lafayette - Click and read the details!

on SUNDAY (8/26) Dozens of Indiana chefs, brewers, wineries and food artisans will gather in the park to celebrate all that Indiana agriculture has to offer at DigIN (click for details) Downtown Indy; Noon to 5:00PM at White River Park

And Bob of Flat12 passes on that we should find 6 packs of Flat12 Half Cycle IPA (bottles) in Indiana as they began distribution this week in Indiana (only)

Looking to the Future:

Friday, August 31st. Flat12 has Joe Brahma Coffee Brown Ale limited release (in their taproom)

September 6th RAM and Indiana State Fair Brewer's Cup Home Brewer of the Year Tom Wallbank announce the winning beer of RAM Every Day IPA Challenge, is released on at The RAM Downtown Indy location at 7 p.m. Join Tom and Ram brewer Andrew for a session IPA

Beers to us! GregKitz


DanielLenois said...

DigIn was pretty cool. I found it odd that the local chefs were all specifically asked to use local Indiana ingredients, and to not use any outside ingredients.

Do you find it odd that local beer isn't local? Where the hell are you getting pumpkin this time of year? Certainly not from fresh Indiana pumpkin. There is nothing local about "local" beer except for the water.

Even the wineries are using grapes from Indiana fields. I don't understand it.

Can't we just drink the beer because it is delicious?

Bob Ostrander said...

Locally-sourced malt and hops are just not feasible in the midwest. Barley has to be malted and the expense of ovens, etc aren't found very often where there isn't much barley grown. Hops also need a lot of processing also. So except for small batches from local gardens we're not really able to keep our beer more local than the Dakotas and Oregon.

Oh to be in Kent or Bavaria where the best of both are easily available.

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