Northwest Indiana Rumblings and Grumblings - 3/3/12

Northwest Indiana is abuzz with activity and it seems like it will be picking up as we head into the summer months.  I am just hopeful I can stay on top of it all because my alter ego is entering the busy season and my beer adventures suffer because of it.  Let's begin.

Crown Brewing is having a dinner event Tuesday, March 6 with the author of Homebrewing for Dummies.  I will be witnessing this firsthand and will recount my adventure here.

Wise Guys Liquors is doing a rare beer sale on Saturday, March 17 at their Merrillville, IN location and thus far they have only released the name of one beer they are selling via their Twitter feed: Founder's Better Half.  I have also heard from employees there that you can expect the opportunity to buy Goose Island's Lolita, Brooklyn's Black Ops, and they have exactly 1 bottle of Upland's Gilgamesh.  Should be interesting.

Three Floyd's is closing shop for construction March 19-21.  There are other closings scheduled on the horizon but unknown as of now as to when.  All 20 taps have Three Floyd's beers on them so they are brewing like crazy.  With Dark Lord Day looming in the distance, it should be interesting to see what the brother's Floyd have in store.

Shoreline Brewery celebrated February with a Chop and Stout promotion.  Sorry I didn't advertise it sooner.  One of their efforts was a Honey Imperial Stout.  As a friend of mine put it, "it's like drinking molasses."  I actually enjoyed it as the prevalence of honey made it like drinking beer tea.

The second annual Blue Chip Brewfest is slated for April 14.  A whole slew of breweries are lined up for it and there is a casino attached.  Drink beer and sober up while losing money at the BlackJack tables.  Of all the beer fests I have been to, I had the best time at this one last year.  Even in their first year, they did it right.  Looking forward to this one.  VIP tickets have sold out, but general admission is available.  You can suffer through Ticketmaster or you can go to the Blue Chip box office.

Dark Lord Day April 28, enough said.

Illiana Mayfest is May 26.  Drink beer and support a good cause.

My favorite bar, Beer Geeks has a cask conditioned "Hoppped" up version of Figure 8's Where Lizards Dare on their beer engine.  Seriously, if you live anywhere near NWI you have to visit this place.

Bulldog Brewery has an IPA that's 70 IBU and is velvety smooth.  Hopheads have been complaining so they are brewing a double IPA.  Wonder if it will rival Crown's Special Special Forces because that will be the yardstick I'll measure it against.

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