Dribs and drams - March 17

At 12 cents per gallon, Indiana is the 41st least beer-taxed state in the U.S.. Alabama, Mississippi, and Alaska are all over $1 per gallon. Wyoming is the cheapest at 2 cents. source

Hoosier Beer Geek Mike Atwood looks at Indiana's label art in the Indy Star. article

In other news, the new yellow dot on the Pepsi cans is not a nefarious plot. A friend tried to find out but the interweb didn't help so he wrote to Pepsico.
Dear Anthony,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Pepsi-Cola.

To answer your question, that yellow dot is, in fact, a calibration marking for the can's coloring, and unfortunately, not a part of a promotion we're running. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause.

Again, many thanks for contacting us. We appreciate your interest in our company.


Senior Consumer Relations Representative


BrettP said...

So why is beer so GD expensive in Indiana in comparison to the states that surround us?

Bob Ostrander said...

I never noticed that it's more expensive here. Are we talking about at a brewpub a corner bar or a liquor store?

Illinois (and St. Louis) is certainly more than here on average, especially the Chicago area. Detroit a bit less but Ann Arbor ranges higher. Louisville is similar to New Albany but we only have the New Albanian to compare to. Cleveland is high but Columbus, OH not so much.

The liquor stores at the borders are usually pretty busy with interstate traffic, especially in "da region" but Keg Liquors in New Albany, Belmont in Fort Wayne, and City Wide in South Bend get plenty of neighbor-state visitors. Of course he Liquor Barn in Louisville and Jungle Jims in Cincinnati are great places to visit.

Brewpubs have more leeway since they control their own rather than have distribution, bottling, wholesaler, etc. costs. Many have one day of quite inexpensive growler refills. Like getting down to $4. (don't forget to tip for growlers - beertenders work pretty hard on those)

Some brewpubs also have special days for pints - 3WiseMen in Indy is $3/pint on Wed for instance.

That said, some Indiana breweries are, to my thinking, overpriced. A $10 or even $13 growler refill is too much. A 16oz pint at $6 is way too much.

Bud/Miller/Coors. Join the Legion, VFW, Elks, etc. for $2, $1.50 and even $1 bottles.

We could put current prices on the web site. Tried that back in 2003 but they changed way to fast for them to be accurate for long.

I see Kahn's as eliminated prices from their web site. Drat. In fact a quick survey of a dozen stores from Champaign to Toledo came up empty on prices.

Money saving suggestions.

1) Go to tastings at liquor stores. You might not want that 6-pack after all.
2) Use special-pricing days.
3) If you're a regular, join the mug club.
4) Join the Rock Bottom Mug Club it's free.
5) Take a growler, get a refill. It usually doesn't have to be the brewery's own growler.
6) Ask for samples. Or get the sampler tray.
7) Trader Joe's in Indy has great prices on their own-brand beers - brewed by Gordon Biersch, Goose Island, etc. $6 6-packs. The wheat, dunkleweizen, stout, and trader jose are A+.

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