Misc News – Sept 2

Sun King's Tasting Room opens tomorrow. Hours will be Thurs 5-7pm, Fri 3-7pm, and Sat 1-4pm. They intend to have all their available beers on tap and will sell growlers.

Bloomington Brewing hopes/plans to tap Home Grown IPA on Thurs, Sept 10. This will be dry-hopped with 25 pounds of home-grown Cascade hops. More info next week.

Sara also confirmed, this morning, the rumor of a lease on a new building to expand Floyd Rosenbaum's brewery. It's on Vernal Pike, just off SR 37. Jeff Mease says "This is a small step for us in advance of building our long term home and farmstead brewery at our Loesch Hill Farm.  We have just signed a lease on a 7,200 sf building on Bloomington’s west side.  The building will be shared by the Bloomington Brewing Company and our new catering arm called One World Catering and events.  The catering and brewing will be for off-site consumption, there likely won’t be a tasting room or event space on site." More info when vats, kettles, tanks, etc. move in.

0909-Kennywood Kennywood Brewing Supply will be moved into their new digs and will open this Friday. 3 North Court St. in Crown Point. On the west side of the town square. Wed, Thurs, Fri. 5:30-8pm. Sat. 8am-4pm.

The HBRs taste Oaken Barrel's Award Winning Lineup.

The Examiner looks at Turoni's Tiffany style lamp collection. But no pictures.

A press release tells us:

  • Stone Brewing Co. revenue increased 30% and volume increased 24% in the first half of 2009.
  • Stone Brewing Co. is on track to produce more than 100,000 barrels in 2009—more than a 20.5% increase over 2008.
  • Stone Brewing Co. just purchased a $6.2 million, 57,509 square ft. building to allow for further expansion of brewing and distribution operations.

In retaliation for Pittsburgh winning the Stanley Cup: Moosehead Light Lime.

An AP story sadly without pictures. Grocery camera catches woman putting case of beer between thighs, shuffling out.

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