LiL' Charlie's hits the glasses running.

Lil' Charlie's official opening wasn't until today but you wouldn't have known that at the Batesville Oktoberfest celebration in the parking lot Saturday. About 500 people enjoyed free food from CIA Chef Adam Israel's kitchen. Bavarian tablecloths. DJ, MC, etc. Event T-shirts and mugs. And a homebrew contest.

If you remember, they bought the house next door (at right below), attached it to the main restaurant, created a fine homey stucco-walled bar and installed a brew kit. Compare with the old look at right.      

Lil Charlies





0909b-LiLCharlies-HB4Andy Greenlee and Travis Law (right) took the top three honors at the homebrew contest and got gift certificates for the Steakhouse as well as bragging rights. They both came over from Columbus after Powerhouse's Pro-Am homebrew contest earlier in the day.

Two pairs of young lovers from Oldenburg were in 4th place with a quite decent APA – the result of their very first brewing from their very first beer kit bought last month. Ryan Paul, Lindsay Baker, Molly Tunny, Kyle Tekulve (pardon if the order isn't right).


All the judges and all the entrants were interviewed for the crowd's approval

Beers on tap include

  • Lil' Charlie's Batesville Blonde – Sometimes when you say "perfectly acceptable" it's a good thing. Like this well-carbonated dark copper lager. It will satisfy the BMC drinker at their Steakhouse already known locally for its good beer list. Specifics? You know them. Creamy blonde you've had a dozen times. Clean, quenching. Liberty and East Kent Goldings. 4.8% ABV. Good starter.
  • Father Franz' Hefeweizen – The hefe-ness is variable so please think of it as a American Wheat. Liberty and Chinook hops. 5.0 ABV.
  • Harry's Pale Ale – Very good American Pale Ale. After a long day of tasting, this was nice to come back to. Not heavy on the bitter but satisfying with a drying finish.

Bull Ram Bock and Fire House Red Wheat round out their beer stable with the addition of one seasonal on 6 of their 14 taps. The other 8 have offerings also suitable for the casual dinner crowd.

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Anonymous said...

If you can cook you're Way Above their caliber and most people around this area are known good cooks. Most of my maternal relations are from around the Enochsburg area. We came in, the owner of the restaurant has to be the most rude, inconsiderate, and insensitive person I have ever been around this is one bitter women. We will most definitley never travel the 40 minutes driving time to this establishment again. Visited in this area for 57 years and known some of the most Godly people on earth here. I can't understand how such a Hell hole ended up in this area.

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