Misc News – Aug 14

Our owner, Monarch Beverage, has been named Beverage World magazine's 2009 Beer Wholesaler of the Year. article – This just as they move to new digs. Monarch Beverage likes taste of expansion. press release

Alan McLeod has nothing but good to say about City-Wide Liquors downtown South Bend store - and he's absolutely right. article

The Bank Street Brewhouse gets ink: New Albanian expands beer production in Southern Indiana.

Bell's brags about their medals. Bell's brings home some gold, silver and bronze from the Indiana State Fair Brewer's Cup competition.

0908-Jerome Have you hear of the Jerome Brewery (Cerveza Jerome)? Well Jim Arnold has. It's in Argentina and he thinks it's the best brewery in Argentina. That's why he's brought in a pallet for Kahn's in Indy. All are 22oz bottles priced at $4.99.

  • Negra – Milk Stout, 6.5%
  • Roja – Belgian Strong Pale Ale. 6%
  • Rubia – Blonde Ale. 6%
  • Nochebuena –  Belgian Dark Ale8%
Brewing Beer From 45-Million-Year-Old Yeast. That's right, Amber beer from a real piece of amber. It'll go on tap in a few months from Fossil Fuels in CA.

Direct from Guelph, Ontario – the Craft brewers Re-cycled Art Project. "All the left over stuff that would be thrown out, my partner and I make into art, bags, wallets and other useable items. I want the $10 malt-bag wallet but I really want the $12 malt-bag 6-pack holder.

Brew Dog is looking for a brewer. Scotland. Yards from the North Sea. 2 year old brewery. 14 employees from 6 countries. Growing like crazy.

The Porch Dog Defends the Big Three.

Carlsberg trials a fruity female-friendly beer. Eve. 3.1%. Two flavors, passion fruit and lychee. No seriously. £500,000 campaign. Or maybe August 14th is April Fools day in England.

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