Blonde Ambition, Mixing BRIPAs, and other insanity.

Andrew Korty in a familiar poseBlonde Ambition, Barley Island's Pro-Am brew with Andrew Korty (right) was tapped last night at the Noblesville brewpub. comparisons, Andrew brought samples of his homebrewed prototype and Leffe since the beer is a Belgian Blond and Leffe is the primary commercial example listed in the BJCP guidelines.

Comparisons were interesting. Excepting the higher carbonation of the Leffe, you could throw a very small blanket over all three. In other words, they have a winner. It's available in bottles and on tap now at the brewpub.

In other Barley Island news, look for a 10th anniversary party in December.

Patrons at the BI bar are ordering enough BRIPA to require it programmed into the cash register. BRIPA? ½ Brown and ½ IPA. Tried it with Dirty Helen and BarFly. That's a Summit-hoppy brown that surpasses the IBAs (Indian Brown Ale) we saw earlier this year from Jerry's Rock Bottom for instance. Maybe this is an IIBA. A malt attack followed swiftly by a long bitter classicly American finish.

A similar mix at the Broad Ripple Brewpub using Kevin's Belgian Brown "Donker Bier" and his less citric-hopped IPA gives a very different result. Earthy, darker start and a less assertive but dryness that lingers. It's going to be fun trying combinations. Try it for yourself and report back in the comments.

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