Dribs and Drams


Bloomington: Where to eat and drink. Featuring Function Brewing.

Deviate Brewing gets love in Beeradvocate. (Thanks Rita)

Rita looks at Flat 12's 5-year anniversary.

Tow Yard and Denver's Factotum are collaborating on a Peyton Manning beer.

HopCat is going to open a Louisville location to add to their Lexington taps.

Cold sales in groceries and gas stations has been shot down again.

But there's another move afoot to allow to-go sales on Sundays. A bill has now been filed - HB 1399. Last year it was so confused by amendments the author withdrew it.
Sale of alcoholic beverages. Provides that a holder of an alcoholic beverage permit who is authorized by law to sell alcoholic beverages for carryout may sell alcoholic beverages for carryout on Sunday from 7 a.m., prevailing local time, until 3 a.m., prevailing local time, the following day. Requires a sales clerk who: (1) rings up; or (2) assists customers in accessing; alcoholic beverages in a grocery store or drug store to hold an employee's permit and have alcohol server training. Provides that the provision that allows individuals who are at least 19 but less than 21 years of age to ring a sale of alcoholic beverages in the course of the individual's employment does not apply to dealer establishments. Establishes alcoholic beverage display requirements for liquor dealers of grocery stores and drug stores. Requires video surveillance in stores, other than package liquor stores, where customers have access to alcoholic beverages without assistance. Makes it unlawful for: (1) the holder of a liquor dealer's permit, other than a package liquor store, to sell or distribute mini bottles through a self-service display; and (2) a person who is the proprietor of a package liquor store, drug store, or grocery store to allow a purchaser, or any other person who is not a sales clerk, to ring up or otherwise record an alcoholic beverage sale.

The mainstream media is all agog that someone may have said that carryout growlers are illegal. Friend of beer, Indiana Senator Ron Alting plans to fix it with SB 169. WISHTV, Oh, it's just in special Economic Development Zones.

The AP has a story about Eli Lilly's in-house bar.

The Star talks about Monarch Distributing's "fight to sell hard liquor".

The 18th Street Brewing Co. is now in Oklahoma.


Hoosier Hopped Coffee.

Patoka Like Winery gets love in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.


Remember that 100-year old beer found off the coast in Nova Scotia? Well it's been tested and tasted. "Pretty good . . . tree fruits, cherry, sulphur, rotten eggs".

Remember the London Beer Flood of 1814?

Martyn Cornell's choice of 20 beer quotes. (Thanks Roger)

British health says people shouldn't drink more than 6 beers per week. Good luck with that.

Military Times laments the French Navy can drink beer on board. Not to be confused with baby on board.

Naked Capitalism posits that beer is under siege by global warming. Hop crops are already smaller.


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