Dribs and Drams

Rita talk about Grand Junction, Thr3e Wise Men's latest restaurant, Cedar Creek, and Oaken Barrel. Bier gets 6-packs. And I'm not even going to mention the Star Wars-themed beers.

Indiana's cold beer rules gets upheld in court and gets an appeal. FLASH. The Court of Appeals upheld the lower court ruling.

Really? I didn't know Foster's is brewed in Fort Worth. If you didn't either - and actually bought an oil-can recently - you can join the class action suit.

WSJ: How to Understand a Beer Geek.

Want to try some Stone beer next time you're in Berlin? Here's some details (and pictures of what will become an elegant brewery.

Want to try Charles Mingus' (a great jazz bass player and my hero in high school) egg nog? Here's the recipe.

Want to spend $900 or $49,000 on a bottle of champagne for New Years? Here's some choices.

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