Dribs and Drams

Stuff to do this week:
Sept 10 Fort Wayne Belgian & Sour Beerfest. J K O'Donnell's. 1-4pm. $75.
Sept 10 Fort Wayne OktoBeerFest dinner. J K O'Donnell's. 6pm. $35.
Sept 12 Fort Wayne OktoBEERfest
Headwaters Park. Hoosier beer only. Cigar area. 2-6pm. $45.
Sept 12 Indianapolis Sun King CANvitational at Pan Am Plaza. 45 breweries. Noon-5pm $40-75.
Greg has arranged some free tickets - see previous post.
Sept 12 Nashville Hoosier Hops and Harvest
Story Inn. 1:30++. $30.
Sept 12 South Bend Zoo Brew
Potawatomi Zoo. 7-10pm.

Later this month:

Sept 17-18 Bloomington Quafftoberfest beer dinner. 6-9pm. $65.
Friday is on Grant Street with beer, games, music. 3:30-10:30pm.
Sept 19 Evansville Brewbeque. Noon-8pm. $10 (cash bar)-35.
Sept 19 Hobart Brews & Blues Festival. 2-6pm. $40-65.
Sept 19-20 Nashville Rally in the Alley. Big Woods. 1pm-midnight. Sunday is the Kegs & Eggs Brunch in Nashville and Bloomington.
Sept 19 Whitestown Brew Fest. 1-6pm. $35-55.


Rita's Beer Buzz covers Speedway's Daredevil and the upcoming Big Woods location. Then she tackles Oktoberfest biers.

Last week she talked about Heady Hollow, Redemption and Deviate.

Eric Strader visits Tibbs Brewing in Kalamazoo. blog

Indiana News

Indiana Moon(shine) is brewing

Flat 12 is putting out Deflator Doppelbock. 

New Albanian beer co-founder to depart.

Brewers' Unions

First there were the post-medieval guilds. These were partly outshoots of schools, partly church-run, and partly organizations of for-profit breweries. Brussels' Guildhouse on the main square is a good example of the expense these folks could go to.

Then the Brewers Association of America followed the Campaign for Real Ale in England which followed the Brewers of Europe on the continent. As the craft beer revolution started states started their own guilds (we have the Brewers of Indiana Guild).

CAMRA is actually a drinkers' guild. England has the Society of Independent Brewers and now there's another starting - the United Craft Brewers. This one, the only one with "craft" in the name is reported to be on the way to defining "craft". article

That will be handy since the BA calls even Sam Adams as craft beer. The big boys might not run the BA but the BA certainly is bent on placating Bud, Molson/Coors, and others of that ilk. We await UCB's progress.


11 Obscure Beer Styles That Are Worth a Try. Burton Ale KK (Black IPA), Chicha, Dampfbier, Faro, Grodziskie, Gose, Gruit, Joppenbier, Kentucky Common, Kottbusser and Koyt.

Pennsylvania Cops Steal Wine Collection In Mafia Reminiscent Shakedown

Judge Dismisses Jim Beam False Advertising Lawsuit Over “Handcrafted” Label - "customers understand the whiskey is made using some machines".

US Regulators Eyeing Diageo Over Inflated Sales - The SEC says they channel stuffed, sending more cases than retailers ordered.

UK MP launches "badge of honour" for pubs in effort to curb closures.

More Kroger Outlets Installing In-store Beer Taps. Now in Lexington, Little Rock, Los Alamos, Memphis and Richmond VA. More are planned for Cincinnati and Dayton.