Dirbs and Drams - Electric Dylan edition

Yep, it was 50 years ago that Bob Dylan played at the Newport Folk Festival backed by three electric guitars. Makes me feel ooooolllllddddd.

Here's Eric Strader's 6 vacation beers for your fishing weekend.

Rita tells us the Winners at the 17th Annual Brewers’ Cup and other news. The full results of the Brewers' Cup are here.

Rita also tells us about a local company that's going to start a maltings. (and more news)


New Law Brings Happy Hour Back To Illinois Bars — In Moderation

One lucky man acquires a full case of prohibition-era whiskey - That's OLD Overholt.

If you care about whatever "craft" remains in beer, then Firestone Walker's "deal" with Duvel Moortgat means absolutely nothing.

Craft Breweries Adding Booze To Root Beer Because Why Not? What was that about whatever "craft" remains in beer?

Maine Brewery Offering Beer Made With Live Lobsters Now that ain't "craft" either. Is it?

Pabst Brewing Company Returning To Milwaukee To Open Microbrewery Is this going to be "craft", gangsta, douchebaggy or steampumk?

The Best Gin to Buy on a Budget (via Roger Baylor - the link, not the gin)

What's the Right Way to Make a Manhattan?

Which liquor does your state like the most? Spoiler alert: Turns out Indiana likes Crown Royal better than Jack.

14 Awesome Ways To Open A Beer

The 10-Minute Jell-O Shot Machine Is Here
Cardinal Wolsey did not drink bottled beer. Why? Because he had been dead for 39 years when Dr Alexander Nowell, Dean of St Paul's is reputed to have discovered the benefits of bottled beer by accident.

19 facts about Bourbon to further your alcohol IQ

Check out a few Tequila facts before you black out

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