Bloomington Craft Beer Fest.... The Quick Review

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest is Tomorrow, Saturday, April 11.

We've been building up to it by visiting just a few of the breweries! We are often asked, "what was your favorite beer...." The usual answer is, "the one in my hand now." However, at some risk let's run down a few special beers.

Hop Strike is the collaboration beer from 5 breweries with 8 hops. Get some if you like hops. The complexity is so rich without putting your tongue to sleep.

Mayan Chocolate Stout by Function has a nice burn, nice subtle vanilla, and a deep roast underneath. Delicious.

Wired White by Tin Man is brewed with bergamot... the ingredient in Earl Grey varieties of tea. It is a white IPA that delivers a real difference.

10-Speed Hoppy Wheat by Bloomington Brewing delivers mosaic hops very nicely.

Big Woods Common Necessity is a solid coffee flavor cream stout from a brewery that has changed much over the years.

Okay... that is enough.. but there were more and all were memorable!

Here is our INSIDER VIEWClick Here

Here was our story about Bloomington Craft Beer Week with all of the information on the Fest Itself!Click Here

HERE is information about any remaining tickets, hours, etc.

Some brewers will have their sample offerings posted - with over 50 breweries we suggest you check the Facebook, Web site, or Twitter of your favorite.

Look around. Some of us will be volunteering. Some will be chatting with brewers.


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