Dribs and Drabs

In old news, Monarch Beverage is going to court in a bid to add distilled spirits to its library of beer and wine.

HandblownGlassesHand blown beer glasses from The Pretentious Beer Glass Co. Yes, that’s a black-and-tan glass in the middle.

The great Medieval water myth: “The idea that Medieval people drank beer or wine to avoid drinking bad water is so established that even some very serious scholars see no reason to document or defend it; they simply repeat it as a settled truth. In fact, if no one ever documents the idea, it is for a very simple reason: it's not true.” explanation

Rita Kohn watch: She, a physicist and two novelists will talk about Once upon a Time (space, matter, energy & light) on April 4, 6-7pm at the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall, Butler University. Free. Artsfest sitemore info

It’s a toss-up. Either Stella Artois Cidre or Lamb-flavoured beer.

House plumbed with beer. saliva-inducing article about the prank

Growth chart of craft beers, 2008-2012. Blue Moon 104%. PBR 97%. Yuengling 94% Stella 82%. Mich Light down 51%. Wait, Craft? Maybe that’s overstated a bit.

A suit in Boise claims their hockey arena serves the same amount of beer for either $4 or $7. The cup is designed to be deceptive. article

Yet another beer-in-the-bathtub story. This on is from the spa’s own brewery in a castle. In Austria.

In the party-pooper files: Waterloo, Ontario police seized 183 cases of beer from a “home” just before St. Paddy’s day. Some students were selling tickets. Busted by the Liquor Licence Act.

And of course, some pictures:

friskywhiskeylabel NUTELLA-FIN PopTarts StPaulyBoy

And finally an update – a happy ending to the Grolsch accident of a few years back.


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