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AmericanBrewingReader Rob Ling sends us the picture at right – the Sanborn Fire map of the American Brewing Co. at 1898. At the bottom is Market Street in Indianapolis and the north is Ohio St. The Central Canal is at the left. Click for full size – it shows the interior rooms such as storage, tank, pump, ice machines, fermenting cellar, warehousing, bottling, office, etc. More about ABC in (blatant plug) Hoosier Beer.

RateBeer has released their “best of” list. Indiana’s entries are:

- Brewery – New Albanian (on best of U.S. list), 3 Floyds (#3 in world rankings)
- Restaurant– M. Moggers (Terre Haute)
- Tap room – New Day Meadery (Indy)
- Liquor Store – Keg Liquors (Clarksville)
- Pub – Heorot (Muncie)
- Beers – 3 Floyds Dark Lord (regular and Bourbon Vanilla Bean), Alpha King, Gumballhead, Dreadnaught and Zombie Dust
- New beer in 2013 – 3 Floyds Permanent Funeral
- Best new brewery – 18th Street Brewery (Gary)

BrahmaAccording to a press release a “Hindu statesman” in Nevada is complaining about A-B’s use of Brahma in the name of a beer. This, although Brahma is made in Brazil, is the 5th largest brand in the world, and has been made since 1914. Figure out Rajan Zed’s motives for yourself.


Beer and wine pairings for girl scout cookies”. Actually Trefoils and Old Rasputin sounds pretty good.

The FDA reports on arsenic in Rice! Say’s it’s a non-story. And yes, they did test Bud. Another story from Germany finds double the arsenic allowed in drinking water and points to diatomaceous earth filters.

A distillery spilled 27,500 litres (7,200 gallons) of unaged (thankfully) whisky into the River Ayr when a tanker truck filled the wrong vat. They were fined £12,000 by a Scottish court. article

Some psycho in Spain has built an electronic tongue that tastes beer. IndianaBeer correspondents fear for the high-paying jobs. article

Here’s a wine pairing chart for beer people. Pale Ale and Merlot, for instance.

And some beer pictures of course.

6-glasses add-dar-2

bad-puns-6 Cold

DrinkTrailer Judging

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