Lafayette Brewing Company Celebrates 20 Years!

  What does 20 years mean to you? Sadly, for me, it means harkening back to my glory days of being 21 years old and in my prime. For some of you readers it constitutes the vast majority of your life and, if you're reading this, that means your taste buds are more refined than mine when I was in my early 20's. If you're Greg Emig, owner of the Lafayette Brewing Company, it means that you've managed to do something that nearly all of Indiana's craft breweries can only aspire to. This third week of September 2013, Lafayette Brewing celebrates 20 years of crafting beer.

  Having just attended LBC's Beer & Bites, a ten course food and beer pairing event that helped to kick off their anniversary festivities, I find myself contemplating, with a slight buzz mind you, what the Lafayette Brewing Co. has meant to me over the years. Regretfully, I've really only been big on the craft beer scene for the last ten or so years. Go back to 1993 and it could easily be said that Lafayette Brewing was craft beer before craft beer was cool. Fast forward to today and I'm not really sure what life would be like without it, certainly a bit less palatable to say the least.

  For me, over the years, Lafayette Brewing Co. has been a (an): gathering destination for meeting out-of-town friends, neighborhood pub for grabbing a beer (or two) and some dinner, great place to catch a live show, place to have a beer (or two) and play some free pool on a slightly slanted table, place to enjoy a beer (or two) and watch people attempt to parallel park from a front window vantage point, comfortable atmosphere for relaxing with good people, excuse to eat scotch eggs, perfect place to grab Sunday beer, integral piece of Lafayette's downtown revival, amazing venue for a high gravity beer sampling that'll knock your socks off, the only place (at least in my opinion) to grab beer at a Mosey, aaaaand I'll stop now 'cause think you get the picture. LBC will always be my home field no matter where I end up.

  So please, head on over to 622 Main Street for the next day or two or, if you're ambitious, the rest of the this week to join in the celebration of LBC's 20 years of crafting beer. Please check out the schedule below and don't miss $2 pints of LBC beer on Tuesday and $2.50 pints and a free Michael Kelsey show upstairs on Wednesday starting @ 8pm. I'd rattle off the rest of the schedule but I'm fairly confident in your reading abilities if you've made it this far.

Congratulations Lafayette Brewing! Here's to another 20 years of crafting beer for our community!

Jason C.

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