TAP at TAF: Craft Beer Fest

  Anyone here appreciate art?  How about contributing to a good cause?  And for the kicker, does anyone reading this occasionally, frequently, or constantly (ok, that may be a stretch) enjoy a tasty craft beer from time to time?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then I see no reason for anyone to miss out on this year’s Tippecanoe Arts Federation event, TAP at TAF: Craft Brew Fest, on Saturday, May 4th from 2-6pm in downtown Lafayette.

  TAP at TAF is a fundraising event that highlights some of Indiana’s finest craft breweries.  Executive Director of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Tetia Lee, explained to me the need for craft breweries to be recognized as artisanal in nature and the TAP event is an ideal way to celebrate and thank our local brewmasters.  

  As of this posting, attending breweries include Lafayette’s own, People’s and Lafayette Brewing, along with Big Dawg, Half Moon, Triton, Flat12, Sun King, Cutter’s, and Power House Brewing. 

 Additionally, local Bar Barry Liquors locations will be stocking their shelves with many of the selections that you’ll be sampling as a means of perpetuating this celebration of cerveza, this salute to suds, this festival of foam, this ballyhoo for brewski, this…ok, you get the picture.

  So dig up the measly $25 ($35 if you want the VIP treatment) and help support the Tippecanoe Arts Federation in recognizing the fine work and continued success of our local craft brewers.

Jason C.

  Hey!  Why haven’t you purchased your ticket online yet?  What’s stopping you?  Ah I see, you’re feeling a slight tinge of guilt about spending a few hours sampling some of Indiana’s fine craft beers.  Well it just so happens that I have a solution that may help to alleviate those troublesome thoughts.  Come join yours truly in helping to beautify Lafayette by volunteering with TreeLafayette from 9am to Noon prior to attending the TAP at TAF tasting.  There’s nothing quite like giving back to the community by planting some trees followed by attending a fundraiser chock full of delicious Indiana craft beer.  Hope to see you at both events!


Jason Cook said...

Not sure if anyone is still reading this down here but I just discovered that Crown Brewing will also be present at this event.

Schererlove20 said...

Once you pay admission, do you need to pay for each beer inside or does admission cover it?

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