Badass American Lager?

Beer is still good.  It has been countless days since I put my thoughts about beer into this blog.  My life of beer consumption reached a dramatic stand still.  My wife and I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and I was fortunate enough to land a new job closer to the homestead.  I haven't made an appearance to any of my favorite breweries or pubs in a long time and I made a promise to my wife that I wouldn't buy any more beer because I had a stockpile in the cellar already.  I haven't even been able to enjoy them!

My reporting on the Northwest Indiana brewery seen will commence shortly, but the spots hit will be a little far between.  I would love to spend every night of the week at a different establishment, but that's just not happening.  In the interim, my creative drive just can't stay under wraps, so I will be back to writing my usually snarky beer reviews spewing of negativity usually reserved for a certain establishment in Munster (whose beer I thoroughly enjoy!).

For this installment, I have to address quite possibly the worst beer I have ever consumed.  Guinness Black Lager takes a close second to Kid Rock's Badass American Lager.

This was the sorriest excuse for beer I've ever had.  Miller 64, Michelob Ultra, and Budweiser Select all had more color and flavor that resembled beer than the fluid poured from these bottles.  I received a six pack as a gift and I was determined to finish it off while watching quite possibly the worst televised programs to date: the 2012 election results telecasts of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox News.

Badass American Lager comes out of the bottle looking like Welch's Sparkling White Grape Juice.  I know that my daughter will not be sampling New Year's Eve champagne this year, but she very well could have a sippy cup of Badass American Lager and probably be no worse off than if it were water.

If the transparent liquid in the glass isn't enough to turn you off, then the faint Asti Spumante taste of it will.  Seriously, I was reminded of my childhood when I was allowed to sip little bits of champagne from my parents' flutes.  I was pretty sure the ensuing morning headache was inevitable.  Fortunately, Badass American Lager packs zero punch in the alcohol department.

For those of us living in Indiana, be thankful that this is not available on the shelves (at least not as far as I can tell).  For our neighbors up in Michigan, my apologies that your state's grand tradition of craft beers has to compete with this latest offering.  I would think the city of Detroit would disown Kid Rock by now for associating itself with whatever this is (I can't even bring myself to call it beer anymore).

My negativity will certainly subside as it is back to my own beer cellar and the wonderful offerings that lie within.  I missed International Stout Day due to a class I'm taking (another challenge when drinking beer), but tonight I am sampling Three Floyd's Mutiny and the Mollusk, an oyster stout brewed in collaboration with Half Acre.  Back to the good stuff!


Anonymous said...

I read a local beer blog to escape both political commentary and garbage beers. Thanks for that.

Chris said...

The brewery that was making this (Michigan Brewing Company of Webberville) went out of business, and I have yet to see if this beer will be relaunched somewhere else or not. Limbo seems like a good status for it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

Nathan Compton said...

Always good to see new commentary from Wilk. This sounds like BBC Horse Piss beer where it seems like a decent brewery intentionally tries to make bad beer. Anyway, I recall seeing a report that MillerCoors bought some of Michigan Brewing's assets so that might be a better partner for the Badass Lager.

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