More Indiana Berwers Cup Photos

All I have to add is more pictures. Clicking on them should return a bigger picture.

Panorama of Judging tables

The Powers that Be
Anita, Tom, who's running Great Fermentations?
You're not supposed to notice spelling

Judging of Homebrew Best of Show (Pro BoS in back)

Some of the Stewards that made it happen.

Caleb served a selection of Upland's Sours.
Got a line-up worthy of the Microbrewers' Festival

Shawn Kaus - Best of Show, Homebrew
You can homebrew too - get a kit and some lessons at your local store.
There's a map on our web site.
Tom Wallbank won Homebrewer of the Year.
And got a Blichmann Pot

Bier Brewery won Brewery of the Year.
There were medals enough to go around.

The Foam Blowers of Indiana, based out of Indy,
won Homebrew Club of the Year (based on ribbon counts).
MONK, based out of the Tuxedo Park homebrew store wasn't far behind.

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