Craft Beer Sightings!

    I went out this weekend not in search of good beer (I was just out to spend time with friends), but good beer found me.

It found me in a coffeehouse pub, it found me in a little bar, it found me in a chain restaurant.  Craft beer is out and about in the world and I couldn't be happier! 

It may not be the entire tap line, it may only be 4-5 out of a tap wall of 20, but it is becoming more and more available. It is also not just Sun King getting out and about. (No offense to Sun King at all, craft is craft, but it is nice to see the younger breweries out there too)

My first weekend stop was at Hearthstone Coffeehouse and Pub up in Fishers. I was there seeing a friend sing and was happy to see that they had 16 taps of local and regional craft beer - ONLY! They also had a great deal on Saturday's - $10 beer flights.  I took off with Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, People's Hearthstone Bavarian Coffee Brown, Flat 12 12 Penny, and Old Rasputin Imperial Stout.  It was absolutely delicious. 

After Hearthstone, karaoke was on the game plan next. I'm all for karaoke, but generally domestic beers are the only thing available at any bar I go to sing at. Imagine how I was pleasantly surprised that GG's Bar and Grill  had taps of Sun King and also Fountain Square! Reasonably priced too, a pint of Fountain Square Preacher's Daughter was only $3.50. Having craft beer on tap and karaoke, and being about a mile from my house has now endeared GG's to me. (what can I say, I'm a simple girl) 

Last but not least in my pop-up craft beer weekend, I went to Lafayette and had dinner at BW-3's. Now, in fairness I have usually been able to get a New Belgium Fat Tire at BW-3's, but this trip, they had Flat 12, People's, Sun King, Triton even! all along their wall of taps. I actually stopped at stared for a bit before ordering the People's Brewing Co. Moundbuilder IPA. (I've started becoming a hop-head appreciative) 

I'm more happy with the fact that this places are opening up and letting craft beer in. It gives people the choice to try something different. To experience the quality and maybe, hopefully, become converted to the craft side. 

- Kathleen

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