Misc News – Nov 24

Now at both New Albanian locations: WeeFoot Stout. Dry session-style stout. Not to be confused with ThunderFoot or the 2010 ClovenFoot.

Rod looks at the pairings for the Rock Bottom Brewer's Dinner.

One word: 2009 Utopia. Two words: Left Hand Oak Aged Widdershins Barleywine. Look for them both next month.

Black Art Beer Announces Shelf Placement With Kroger. Including Indiana.

Good News. Penn Brewery will open again by Tom Pastorius, the founder.

Good News. Burton Brewing Museum saved. Still owned by Molson Coors who closed it last year. They will lease it to an amusement park company. Roger Protz approves.

Once De Molen Rasputin started to be imported by Shelton Bros North Coast objected. Now the 10.7% Dutch beer is called Disputin. "(This stout used to be called Rasputin, but the people who make Old Rasputin in California thought you were too dumb to tell the two products apart, and threatened to sue us for trademark infringement.)" more info

Interview with Graham Mackay SABMiller's head honcho. Interesting but not vital.

Lew Byson, beer's Louis Black speaks about Sunday Sales Laws and why they are still around.

Upbranding. I sure want to try Crisco® Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Rene Descartes is sitting in a bar. He's had a few pints over the course of the evening, and it's now last call. The bartender asks him if he wants one last drink. Descartes says, "I think not," and promptly vanishes.

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