Beers in Indiana

Some tastes:
  • Broad Ripple Brewpub - Dual Citizenship Ale - On the handpull. I'd guess Fuggles, Cascades, and probably more. Both the earthiness and floral aspects of the hops come through very strong. A 50 IBU IPA. Going to sell out fast.
  • Rock Bottom 86th St, Indy - IPA - For all descriptive purposes a carbonated clone of BRBP's Dual Citizenship Ale.
  • Rock Bottom 86th St - Cask Conditioned Red - Mmmmm. Dark copper. Proper temperature. Served with sparkler giving creamy head. A bold Southern Mild but with a higher-than-Mild 5% ABV. Caramel. Earthy dryness. A bit of a dull fuzzy finish on the tongue, otherwise could be my desert island beer.
Growler refills at Rock Bottom 86th St, Indy are now only $5 on Mondays.

Stone 13th Anniversary should be in stores today June 29th. A Double Red. Here's the specs.

From George Saxon of Phoenix Imports, the "A rumor about Thomas Hardy's Ale being discontinued is beginning to spread so we want to set the record straight. O'Hanlon's Brewing Co. Ltd. has informed us that they will no longer brew Hardy's effective immediately, even though we had an order pending with them. This is a breach of our license agreement with them, and consequently we are
terminating that agreement.

We are in the process of interviewing other brewers to brew Hardy's and Royal Oak Pale Ale but, given the time involved in that process and in brewing Hardy's, it's quite likely that there will not be a 2009 vintage. And, obviously, no more 2008."
Cavalier Distributing reports stocks of Thomas Hardy's in Indiana are plentiful. Indiana won't be so lucky with the excellent Royal Oak as it has a much shorter shelf life.
Coming to Indiana: Meantime London Stout. B+ at BeerAdvocate. And it's going to be available in kegs as will their IPA (finally).


Mat Gerdenich, Cavalier Distributing said...

Stone 13 will not be released until 6/29!

Bob Ostrander said...

May, June. It's just a month. Thanks for the correction.

Mat Gerdenich, Cavalier Distributing said...

I wish it was already here!!!! Cannot wait to taste it. It is all good!!!

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